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Large Outdoor Canopy

large outdoor canopy

    outdoor canopy
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Beaver attacks in Zion National Park

Beaver attacks in Zion National Park

Beavers vs. the cottonwoods: These cottonwood trees, along the Virgin River in Zion National Park, were nearly girdled by beavers. The only thing that keeps them still alive is the bark the beavers couldn't reach between the two trees! In some areas along the river, the park service has wrapped wire mesh around some of the largest trees to protect these huge and graceful monarchs from being killed by attacks from the beavers. The beavers girdle the trees in an attempt to fell them (so they can eat the tender bark from the top branches), but they usually give up because the trees are so large. The tree eventually dies because the cambium layer (phloem) has been severed and nutrients from the leaves can no longer travel down to nourish the roots.

Reflected light: The warm, ruddy glow on the girdled trees trunks comes from the pink sandstone silt soil that is reflecting into the trunks. The park service offers horseback rides along river, and their trodden trail is right in front of this tree.

Location and season: These stately cottonwood trees are in the canyon valley below Court of the Patriarchs (this autumn scene was photographed in mid-November). The pale peak to the right of the girdled trees is the most westerly of the Patriarchs--"Abraham".

For a richer experience, click on the image to view it LARGER and on black.

Autumn at Court of the Patriarchs - Zion NP

Autumn at Court of the Patriarchs - Zion NP

I'm busy with a major project this week , so I'm re-posting this image:

Last rays of the setting sun. This autumn scene was photographed in mid-November). The three peaks on the left form the Patriarchs--"Abraham", "Isaac", and "Jacob".

Post-processing techniques: Some have mentioned that they thought I radically increase my saturation in Photoshop to create these images. Not so. I rarely add more that 5% to 10% saturation in my processing. The real key to rich colors comes from increasing the contrast in "Curves". I often protect (using a feathered mask) the most delicate highlights before I do the contrast increase. These "protected" contrast increases are sometimes called "micro-contrast" or local-area contrast increases; they increase accentuation and detail throughout the image.

I make these increases in contrast AFTER I've created a master image that compresses the original scene's contrast range. This is done by blending the exposure of up to seven images (from -2.0EV to +2.0EV). And before doing this, I often open the shadows and recover the highlights from my original RAW files. This total process can sometimes take up to two hours (if I really like the image :)

For a richer experience, click on the image to view it LARGER and on black.

large outdoor canopy

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